Immersion and Clarity: A Year of Transformation With PDR  

How a holistic approach helped PDR clarify their value and voice

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PDR Corp. is a Texas-based interior architecture and design firm with a wide range of clients, spanning from startups to Fortune 100 companies. The firm prides itself on its ability to help organizations bridge the gap between purpose and place but needed help developing and implementing a marketing strategy to strengthen their brand message, promote their value, and grow their audience reach. 


  • Limited Scope of Brand Messaging.
  • Lack of Engaging Storytelling.
  • Holes in the Operational Infrastructure.


  • 104% Increase in Web Traffic.
  • 23% Increase in Email Open Rate.
  • 133% Increase in Social Media Engagement.

“Working with Enarche has been a breath of fresh air!"

I literally feel a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. The Enarche team has earned my trust and I am completely confident in their ability to guide our marketing efforts and deliver results. Their approach is equal parts strategic and creative, tailored to our company goals, and appropriate to what we can operationalize in our environment. They have completely changed the way we think about marketing, and I would recommend them to any leader who needs strategic guidance, execution support or is struggling to align their leadership team on marketing priorities.” 

Lauri Goodman Lampson
President + CEO at PDR Corp

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Immersion and Clarity: A Year of Transformation With PDR 





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PDR first came to us with a straightforward, question: “How do we better communicate our value to current and new markets and expand our reach?”  

Although they had a compelling body of work, PDR did not have a comprehensive marketing strategy to support their business goals, so they asked our team to help them develop and implement one. 


Limited Scope of Brand Messaging

While PDR did have some brand messaging developed, it was highly focused on a singular sector and didn’t cover their specific service offerings. This limited their ability to reach their strategic goals of expanding into other industries and communicating the value of their three integrated services.  

Lack of Engaging Storytelling

While PDR’s portfolio was robust, their project profiles and thought leadership centered too heavily on the technical aspects of their work rather than highlighting how they helped their clients overcome a challenge. Ultimately, this made it difficult for audiences to engage with PDR’s work and content. 

Holes in Their Operational Infrastructure 

The firm relied too heavily on institutional knowledge as its primary source of storing vital project information. When information was needed, it wasn't easy to find where, if at all, it was documented. As a result, learning about a specific goal in a project could take hours to locate. Additionally, they were missing valuable metrics across marketing and BD efforts, making it difficult to assess the success of a given initiative. 


Our fundamental goal in working with PDR was to amplify their brand efforts, providing their audience clarity through the firm’s messaging and content. As a brand, we saw how much potential PDR had. However, reaching a larger audience would require a total rethinking of how they approached their brand and operational infrastructure. Our objective wasn’t just to create an impactful strategy, but also to help them implement it through content creation, web design, public relations opportunities, and more. 

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Total Brand Immersion

Our process began with a thorough immersion into PDR’s culture and operations. Taking an in-depth approach over the course of several months, we observed their team in action, conducted interviews with partners and key leadership, and learned how their perspectives could come together to create a stronger brand. 

A Refreshed Messaging Identity and Expanded Service-Level Messaging

We provided the team with a refreshed messaging guide encompassing PDR’s vision, values, and purpose, revised messaging to reach a broader industry base, and expanded service level messaging. The guide is comprehensive enough that anyone within the firm can leverage it to better understand who PDR is as a brand and create content that articulates the firm’s unique value.

An Impactful Marketing Strategy

To help drive market expansion, we worked alongside PDR’s leadership to establish a marketing strategy to amplify their brand awareness. This strategy took a holistic approach, encompassing social media, email marketing, web content, and more, incorporating PDR’s newly expanded brand messaging. Additionally, we established a metric reporting and analysis cadence to gauge success and help tweak the strategy over time. 

Invigoration of Thought Leadership

PDR’s new strategy placed an intentional focus on positioning more voices within the firm as thought leaders, expanding the firm’s opportunities to illustrate their expertise as a holistic brand rather than individuals. We selected key topics relevant to PDR and identified who within the firm was best positioned as subject matter experts on those topics. Our team then assisted them in authoring articles and blogs that showcased their expertise.

This revamped thought leadership style would give additional variety to PDR’s social and email channels, both of which have an increased focus. By providing PDR with a stronger, more holistic library of thought leadership, the firm can better communicate their value to audiences. 

Preserving the PDR Legacy

Working alongside PDR leadership, we provided the firm with an intuitive way to track and archive project information. The process began with more immersion, as we met with leadership to determine what project-specific information was vital to retain and the optimal time for that information to be documented. Next, we added triggers to prompt the collection of insights related to the holistic project challenge and solution, ensuring these vital details are captured promptly.

The result is a singular database to store knowledge, which can be leveraged to access past project information and can be used for highlighting their expertise in future content, allowing for more accurate, engaging, and tangible content. 


These impacts represent an exciting turning point for PDR. Now that the firm has a better sense of identity, PDR can leverage their content that further establishes their value as an industry leader, creates engagement, and resonates with their audiences. 


Our first year working with PDR centered on helping them solidify their identity. By immersing ourselves in their culture and deconstructing their work processes, we were able to help them more clearly define what makes PDR such a unique and qualified firm. Establishing a holistic marketing strategy, optimizing their operational structure, expanding their thought leadership, and many other efforts will help provide further growth opportunities for the firm. To date, our work with PDR serves as a transformative foundation that will act as a roadmap for a much larger journey. PDR has an exciting future, and we’re thrilled to be part of it.

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