Katelyn Litalien

marketing operations director

I get things done! Better said, I ensure the execution of clients’ marketing strategies, measure their success and help build operational infrastructure, so innovation is never inhibited by a lack of resources. Marketing has always been a passion of mine. I’m driven by the idea of sharing people’s stories, overcoming challenges to help create better marketing initiatives, and ultimately ensuring that a brand is impactful to its target audience. My attitude can be summed up by my favorite expression, “Ce n'est pas la mer à boire.” It’s a French saying meaning, it’s not a huge deal and not impossible. It literally translates to, “It’s not the sea to drink.”

I’m honored to work alongside like-minded, impassioned individuals. We share a joy in seeing our clients’ brands manifest and how our work moves their needle. Ultimately, we are collectively fueled by the knowledge our work is making a difference.

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Katelyn's Secret Sauce

My professional life is all about organization, process, and structure. But that doesn’t mean my right brain gets neglected. I use my free time to jump from hobby to hobby, exploring everything from complex recipe creation to painting with alcohol inks. These activities help me keep my creative juices flowing and give my brain a break from endless list-making.

Favorite Dipping Sauce: Crema de Aji 

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