Marc Ravelo

Marc Ravelo

Senior graphic designer

My passion for graphic design began with a love of 16-bit video games. I loved how creative the worlds looked using only a few simple shapes and colors. Originally, I wanted to create art for video games which led me to pursue a degree in illustration. This is where I built my foundation for graphic design. I learned that with a few simple shapes, you could accomplish a lot. A lot of these skills still come into play when I’m designing for clients. My work with User Experience helped me realize that there’s a bigger picture in design. How do we meet business goals while balancing client needs? Great design requires taking risks, but to quote Coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights, "Clear eyes, open hearts, can't lose”

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Marc's Secret Sauce

In my free time, I love playing guitar and talking about music. I’ve come to realize that the worlds of music and design have more in common than most people think. Learning or writing a guitar riff takes equal parts strategy and creativity, so both sides of my brain get a workout at home, too. It’s a great hobby that keeps me thinking in new and inventive ways that translate directly to design.

My Favorite Dipping Sauce: Sir Kensington’s Chipotle Mayonnaise – As Jim Carey in The Mask once said, “Smokin’!”

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