Beckie Hawk

Beckie Hawk 

Web developer

When I started working in web design in 1997, most websites were either unattractive or downright ugly. I knew that I wanted to use my skills to make the web a more attractive space, so I learned to program and got to work. As I learned more, I realized  importance of web. Good web design needs to be user-friendly and attractive and reflect the professionalism of the company. l like that I get to work with creative people who share a similar interest in sprucing up the web, and the uniqueness of each design challenge keeps me learning. When the design challenges are exceedingly unique and I when start to feel overwhelmed, I remind myself of my favorite saying, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”

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Beckie's Secret Sauce

When I’m not beautifying the web, I love to paint and explore different types of artistic media including oil, watercolor, pen and ink drawing, graphic pencil, and oil pastels. I hate missing a deadline or leaving a project unfinished or underdone and I always want to leave a website looking better than when I found it. I like working with creative people who stretch me to create unique functionality on a client's website.

My Favorite Dipping Sauce: Tabasco® Sweet and Spicy Sauce

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