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DesignIntelligence (DI) has equipped organizations in the built environment industry to anticipate and embrace the future for decades. As they evolved over the last several years to meet the needs of their clients and the industry at large, they found their current brand perception needed to better align with their larger vision for the firm. To bridge this gap, DI brought the Enarche team on to help them distill their brand essence and create a foundation they could expand on as they continue to evolve. 


  • Confusion around multiple brands.
  • Lack of offering awareness.
  • Disconnect between their current image and desired state.


  • Renewed understanding of current state.
  • Clear and cohesive brand vision.
  • Insights for greater market penetration.

"Enarche Design carefully unpacked our legacy perspectives while simultaneously seeding us with future possibilities we had never considered. "

Their team was careful and sensitive to this dynamic and helped us untangle both the objective and subjective aspects, as noted. The results were stellar.” 

Dave Gilmore
President and CEO at

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DesignIntelligence: A Brand Vision for Tomorrow's Success





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Brand & Firm Alignment Brand & Firm Alignment



DesignIntelligence (DI) has been at the forefront of shaping the future of the Built Environment for the last three decades. They are a pivotal resource that equips organizations, from design enthusiasts to industry titans, with the tools and knowledge needed to thrive.  

Since their inception, DesignIntelligence has been an evolving organization. Their efforts began with the Design Futures Council (DFC), which brings built environment leaders together to evaluate current trends and predict the future of design. As their offerings expanded to include research, advisory services, leadership development, and media, DesignIntelligence has become the premier compass for business and leadership within the built environment industry.  

While DesignIntelligence was increasing their influence with their clients and looking toward their own future, they knew their brand needed to keep pace with their other strategic efforts. Recognizing some brand challenges emerge, DI leadership brought on the Enarche team to help them create a revitalized brand vision, expand their client reach strategies, and establish a foundation they could build on for decades.

Confusion Around Multiple Brands

As the firm had grown to create more offerings, the supporting business units started feeling more like separate entities rather than a collective of solutions. Internally and externally, there needed to be more clarity around DesignIntelligence as the core brand, and how all the service offerings (i.e., their business units) were interconnected. They were wrestling with being a “branded house” or a “house of brands”, and were living in the middle, creating confusion in the minds of their audience.

Lack of Offering Awareness

DesignIntelligence’s value was primarily known through the legacy of the Design Futures Council (DFC)—one of their business units. Despite the many ways they could create value for their potential and current clients through their other offerings, many had little awareness of the full extent to which the firm could help them.

Disconnect Between their Current Image and their Desired State

DesignIntelligence’s leadership was rethinking their business model and what their future would look like. They knew their brand didn’t accurately represent their current identity, let alone where they wanted to take the organization in the future.


Our primary charge was to bring clarity and pave the way for the next evolution of the DesignIntelligence brand as they were going through a profound transformation. We sought to establish a robust brand vision and conceptual design to serve as the cornerstone for their future messaging and visual identity as the reimagined DI unfolded.  

Actionable Objectives

Audit Current State

Create Initial Concepts for Future Brand Identity

Deliver a Holistic Brand Vision

Provide Insights to Create Synergy Between Offerings

Recipe for success

We employed a range of strategies to help DesignIntelligence overcome their brand challenges. Our solutions aimed to create brand clarity and establish a strong foundation for future growth. 


Holding a longstanding relationship with DI’s leadership, we understood the complexity and rich history within the organization but knew we needed to come in without assumptions to get an accurate picture of the firm's legacy and future. Our team worked closely with key leadership across all business units to gain a deeper understanding of the organization's purpose and how it had shifted over time, what value their clients received from them on a macro and micro level, and their long-term vision. We also attended DFC events and observed their team servicing their clients so we could experience firsthand what it’s like working with DI and receive direct feedback.


The DI brand went through many iterations over the years and had many moving parts. To ensure the success of this effort and evaluate what was working and what wasn’t, we took a deep dive into all their previous brand efforts and audited their entire online presence. This enabled our team to make informed decisions and recommendations to DI’s leadership. 


Leaning into our findings, we offered renewed perspectives to the DI team, empowering them to see themselves through an external lens. This approach aimed to break through legacy thinking and encourage a more objective view of their brand, inspiring new ideas as they planned for the organization’s next chapter.


Our team segmented DI's different audiences and identified where each business unit had a cross-over or unique client base. This segmentation created a web of potential entry points and cross-promotional opportunities for different audiences, allowing for deeper market penetration. 

"Enarche’s approach to this work is based in relational dialogue, interpersonal authenticity, and pragmatic discipline. The team is fully engaged to yield outcomes meeting and exceeding expectations.”

- Dave Gilmore, President and CEO at DesignIntelligence


Our first measure of success starts with resonance. Does this look, sound, and feel like DI? When presented with the final brand visioning materials, it was clear that the work they saw successfully embodied the essence of their brand. 

Through our collaborative efforts, DI received: 


While DI already had a general idea of their current brand perception, our analysis gave them a more articulate and comprehensive understanding of the success of their brand efforts. Their team is now equipped to make more informed decisions about their future initiatives. 


Closely working with DI leadership, we established a clear and cohesive brand vision that captured the spirit of their vision, values, and purpose and created synergy across all business units. These adaptable design and messaging concepts will enable the DI team to further establish the visual and messaging identity of the firm as they develop and deploy their strategic plan.


We offered powerful insights to help DI create a cross-promotion strategy that would drive greater awareness of all the value current and potential clients have access to. These insights included suggestions for website(s), social media, live events, and many other marketing communication efforts.

“We emerged with an articulated philosophy for our styling that evoked fresh perspectives about DesignIntelligence and how to use the variations of the guide to generate powerful visual and narrative pieces for the work we do. 

This is now being deployed in test pieces through the balance of 2023, with a full transition beginning in 2024.  We have used the guide to underpin and inform our recent rebrand project, which is also rolling out beginning in 2024."

- Dave Gilmore


The journey with DesignIntelligence (DI) addressed numerous challenges while achieving significant objectives. Working alongside DI’s leadership, we provided them with a strong brand foundation that, positions them for success in a rapidly evolving industry.

We are incredibly thankful for the DI team who entrusted us to steward their brand during this project. We look forward to cheering them on in their continued brand evolution.

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