Cliff Thomas

Cliff Thomas

senior graphic designer

I’ve been an artist since the first grade—after raising my hand to “who here’s an artist?”—and went on to win a painting competition, awarding the entire class a trip to the Shriner’s Circus. I’ve enjoyed building and applying my skillset through many forms of art and design. I find creating a brand identity with a logo that is distinctive, clear and memorable, the most rewarding discipline of them all. It’s the one form of design that best balances the need for discovery and design, creativity and craftsmanship to create something special. I believe in the simplicity of focus in “doing” as defined by Robert Henri “Art when really understood is the process of everone. It is simply a question of doing things, anything, well.”

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Cliff's Secret Sauce

I’m ever curious to what’s around the next bend, enjoying every new adventure with my family. From multi-day paddle trips to gardening to taking care of my small zoo at home, I enjoy all things outdoors. I also enjoy cooking and I am rarely without my sketchbook full of notes, drawings, and doodles.

My Favorite Dipping Sauce:
Firelli Hot Sauce

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